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Learn more about the man behind one of the most well reviewed Italian restaurants in South Jersey.

Nunzio Patruno was born and raised in the heart of Italy’s agricultural region of Puglia. He grew up in the town of Castellana Grotte nestled between rambling groves of olive trees and the marina valley 10 minutes from the Adriatic Sea. His culinary education began on his family’s farmstead, Zingarello. The family farm produces olives, cherries, almonds, grapes and a vast variety of fruits and vegetables sold to local cooperatives. From the earth to the kitchen, he got his most inspirational recipes from his mother. Recipes, which use fragrant & robust vegetables, aromatic fruits, fresh cuts of farm raised game and meats and succulent seafood from the Adriatic Sea.

After earning his degree as a culinary chef, his young career took him throughout the resort towns of the Italian Riviera eventually landing him on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea in the French principality of Monaco. Nunzio spent seven years in Monte Carlo and became very well known for his union of French Provence and Italian cuisine savored by the local royalty and jet setters.

Then, in the early 1980’s the United States came calling and he opened his first of five restaurants located throughout the Philadelphia Main Line and the Society Hill section of Philadelphia. The overwhelming successes of the Monte Carlo Living Room Restaurant & Club and Primavera Restaurants earned him many national & international awards of recognition for culinary excellence.Now, more than twenty years later Nunzio comes full circle and looks to a new direction which is Nunzio Ristorante Rustico.It’s already considered one of the best NJ restaurants for Italian cuisine.

Nunzio’s is that piazza or local restaurant whether in your memories or in your imagination offering flavorful food, lively conversation and gracious service. It’s all Nunzio!

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Taste Test 2018!

So, we spent an afternoon with photographer, Alison Dunlap, photographing this dish Chef Patruno prepared for the photo shoot.  He selected this dish for its color & wonderful savory flavors of the jumbo lump crab meat and sun dried tomato contrasting with the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes, spinach & EVO. Toss in a heavenly bed of “al dente” cappelinni pasta, hence, the Cappellini al Granchio.  Nunzio’s passed the Taste Test: Golden Fork Awards, South Jersey Magazine 2018.

Best BYOB 2017

Dining at Nunzio’s for any occasion is golden and South Jersey Magazine says so. Thank you for this special award.  Chef Patruno and staff look forward to serving our guests who expect the best. Thank you for recognizing our best. 


Best Chef Table 2017

This is where they all go…Take any night of the week, but especially on weekend nights, you take on the site of streaming diners going into the kitchen of Nunzio’s.  A private oasis of award winning cuisine & paired wines celebrating your moments with a little magic by Chef Nunzio Patruno. July 2017.

Best Chef’s Table

Nunzio Ristorante Rustico
706 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood

This is one reservation you don’t want to miss. Grab six to 12 of your friends and enjoy a five-course meal prepared by Chef Nunzio Patruno himself, while you sit in the kitchen and watch all the magic happen.

Best Cooking Classes! 2017

Thank you South Jersey Magazine, Best of the Best Cooking Classes!   Cooking with Nunzio bringing passion for food & friendship for over 12 years.  Very cool and its all about the food, the why and the how.  This is what readers and editors had to say about the experience… 2017.

Nunzio Ristorante Rustico
One of South Jersey’s best chefs, Nunzio Patruno, takes you on a journey across Europe where you’ll learn about different regional cuisines and then learn how to replicate some of his favorite dishes. You can even follow Patruno around the Collingswood Farmers Market as you scour for fresh ingredients and learn the nuances of creating these authentic dishes.
Collingswood, (856) 858-9840, Nunzios.net

SJ Magazine 2016

Best Specials You can’t go wrong ordering anything off the menu at this Italian treasure, but it’s always a treat to hear what Chef Nunzio has prepared for the evening. If the waiter happens to offer osso buco as a special, request that! You won’t be disappointed. (Of course, if the rack of lamb is a special, you won’t be disappointed with that either.)

Best BYOB 2016

For years Chef Nunzio Patruno and his mouthwatering menu has been an anchor on Collingswood’s restaurant row along Haddon Avenue, and for good reason. The high-quality ingredients, expert preparation and lively atmosphere are only matched by the attentive servers who make each visit one to enjoy. Collingswood, (856)858-9840,Nunzios.net

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Revisit Palate Review - South Jersey Magazine
Dining – March 2015 Issue
Nunzio’s Ristorante Rustico

by Nancy Donovan; Photo by Alison Dunlap

…A Dining Review from the pages of South Jersey Magazine…

Old Meets New: Nunzio’s Ristorante Rustico
706 Haddon Ave.
(856) 858-9840

Nunzio’s Ristorante has become a South Jersey favorite for local diners, with most weekends requiring advance reservations. We stopped by this Mediterranean-inspired eatery back in 2008, and even then the restaurant had more than enough promise. And as restaurants have come and gone on Collingswood’s Haddon Avenue, Nunzio’s remains.

Chef and owner Nunzio Patruno’s passion has not changed since the restaurant’s inception; if anything he’s come to love the space even more. On one particular evening the chef could be found ducking in and out of his kitchen, always smiling and with an unwavering energy. He is known for stopping by tables, pulling up a chair to chat or—in my case—going so far as to walk customers to the front door. In an industry with more than its share of stress and cynicism, this overall friendliness is something that you just don’t forget.

Service remains strong, with a knowledgeable and professional staff that truly sets the scene for a successful evening. There’s more than enough assistance, with a team of servers and wait staff seemingly at the ready at any moment. But despite a full house, no table feels too crowded or overwhelming. It’s very easy to get lost in a conversation and drift through a meal without wondering when your next drink or dish will arrive.

While many parts of Nunzio’s menu remain untouched, there are a few additions that add a bright burst of flavor. Like the polipo alla Griglia con farro, or grilled Spanish octopus over farro, with sweet Roma tomatoes and arugula tossed in a lemon and olive oil dressing. It was an eye-opening appetizer that incorporated the sweet and sour elements of fresh lemon juice so seamlessly. Nothing on the plate was too overpowering, it was a collection of flavors that truly complemented each other.

The thinly sliced beef carpaccio featured lovely additions of bright lemon juice, arugula and crispy fried long hots, which added spice and heat at just the right moments. The dish would have sufficed even without the drizzles of white truffle oil. Gamberoni araganati alla Siciliana’s jumbo shrimp were marinated in olive oil and garlic, then broiled with breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs added a lovely crunch, and the flavors were so simple and straightforward.

Some classic preparations are are perfectly undeniable. Take Nunzio’s pappardelle al sugo di coniglio—or rabbit pappardelle. The chef stays close to tradition, hand-making the ribbons of pasta before tossing them in a braised rabbit ragu that could have come straight from the kitchen of any Italian grandmother. The rich tomato paired so nicely with the soft rabbit meat, it was the perfect dish to warm a winter evening.

Nunzio’s has earned its rightful place in the South Jersey dining scene and remains worthy of the 4 forks we awarded the restaurant years back. And while food trends may come and go, this South Jersey mainstay seems to have figured out the formula to keep all sorts of diners coming back.

Best Reason To Learn Italian - Golden Fork Award 2015

Thank you South Jersey Magazine and their Readers for awarding Nunzio’s Golden Fork Award!




Recipe for Love

BY BETH D’ADDONO, For the Daily News
POSTED: February 14, 2014

AFTER all these years, you still like his buns. And truth be told, her pie is better than ever. So why not jump-start your Valentine’s Day romance by turning the heat up in the kitchen and doing some baking, cheek to cheek? Although Valentine’s Day is a holiday synonymous with chocolate desserts, the sweet spot for Holly Ricciardi is pie.
Ricciardi, head baker/owner of Magpie artisanal pie bakery, on South Street, thinks that baking together is darn sexy. Which is why she offers regular couples-only pie-making classes, like the (sold-out) one happening tonight at her shop.

Lovebirds plunk down $125 per couple to learn how to make his-and-hers mini pies, taking home two dozen minis in the featured flavors of their choice.
Tonight’s flavors are apple cinnamon crumb and raspberry chocolate, but that varies with the season. Bakers are fortified with slices of raspberry puree and brownie chunk pie, along with complimentary glasses of raspberry lambic beer. “I got the idea for couples-only classes after more couples started coming to the regular pie-making classes,” said Ricciardi, whose husband prefers to let her wear the apron in the family. “He gets a little tense when we bake together,” she said. But that’s not usually the dynamic. “Couples really enjoy the tactile part of pie making,” she said. “It’s more fun than making a cake.”
While cake baking is generally about measuring and combining ingredients with precise attention to detail, pies are a little more forgiving. And there’s some physicality involved in making the crust, rolling the dough and the cutting up of ingredients, said Ricciardi.
“Guys seem to like that structure,” she said. “They get quite proud of themselves. And most couples seem to have a lot of fun without getting too competitive.” The baker will keep her shop open Valentine’s Day eve for pie lovers in search of a shared treat. “My husband will have dinner waiting for me when I get home,” she said. “I’ll bring the pie.”
For Chef Nunzio Patruno, sharing sweets with his sweetie, Maribel, is still a joy after 28 years of marriage. Patruno, chef/owner of Nunzio’s Ristorante Rustico, in Collingswood, teaches couples and singles Italian savory and dessert recipes in his ongoing “Cooking with Nunzio” classes offered most Saturday mornings.
Last week’s “Aphrodisiacs, Foods of Love” was a sellout; other classes focus on regional specialties from such places as Venice and the Gulf of Naples. One favorite class dessert is Chiacchiere di Carnivale: strips of dough fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It’s served in many small towns in Italy during the current Carnival season.
In his own home, the treat he and Maribel share is a dense Chocolate Bombato – think of a baked chocolate truffle cake with a liquid center.

“When you’re married to a chef, you never celebrate holidays on the day they are meant to be celebrated,” said Maribel, who works with her husband at the restaurant most weekends. The couple typically makes a Valentine’s Day breakfast of smoked salmon or an omelet, along with fresh strawberries. “We almost always have chocolate truffles for dessert,” she said. “He does the cooking, I’m the assistant.” Then Nunzio heads to work.
It’s not unusual on a busy holiday like Valentine’s Day for the kitchen to prepare 300 covers. The rich bombatos are often a featured dessert.

Before he opened his Collingswood restaurant in 2003, Patruno was a familiar culinary force in Philly, spending 20 years in the kitchen at the now-shuttered Monte Carlo Living Room, on South Street. “Being off on Valentine’s Day is impossible,” he said. “Chocolate helps. I buy roses, too, and keep them in the restaurant walk-in so they’ll stay fresh. Then I surprise her in the morning.”Sometimes I make the truffles the day before. Then take them out and let them come to room temperature before baking. ” Now that the couple’s children are grown, it’s easier to squeeze a date night in during the week, maybe dining at their friend chef Masaharu “Matt” Ito’s Fuji Mountain restaurant, in Haddonfield, or enjoying traditional French bistro fare from chef Peter Woolsey at Bistrot La Minette, in South Philly.
“Italians are pretty romantic,” said the Italian-born Nunzio in his charmingly accented English. “I always try to remember the important things. You need to if you want to stay out of trouble.”

Dining out: Nunzio's in Collingswood offers regional Italian fare with flair

Nunzio Ristorante Rustico opened its doors in 2003. One of the first restaurants to pop up in downtown Collingswood, today, several different eateries line Haddon Avenue. But Nunzio’s — known for its authentic regional Italian dishes — is still one of the most loved restaurants on the street, and guests to this deceivingly big restaurant keep coming back for more.

Open for lunch and dinner, Chef Nunzio Patruno also offers “Cooking with Nunzio” courses where those interested can learn how to combine Jersey fresh ingredients like a pro.

But if you’re coming to Collingswood to simply sample some delicious Italian food, this is the place for you.

Flavor — Regional Italian is exactly how Chef Patruno described the food here.

Born and raised in the Puglia region of Italy, Patruno grew up cooking, he said.

“And my mother was a strong cook,” he said. “She always put a meal on the table.”

He decided to go to restaurant school — “it was the thing to do” at the time, he said, and found he had a talent for fusing Italian cuisine with modern ideas.

Before moving to the U.S., he worked as a chef throughout resort towns along the Italian Riveria, Monaco and in Monte Carlo, where he  became known for combining French and Italian cuisine.

At Nunzio’s in Collingswood, fresh pasta, choice-cut meats and fresh seafood can be found on the menu. Entrees such as Ravioli al Pomodoro — ricotta cheese ravioli in a garlic, tomato and fresh basil sauce — and Pollo Fiorentina — sautéed chicken breast topped with spinach, prosciutto and mozzarella in a white wine sauce are a few of the choices here.

Menu — Nunzio’s is open daily for lunch and dinner.

Lunch choices include appetizers such as Antipasto Rustico — parma prosciutto, soppresata, olives, cheeses and marinated seasonal vegetables for $11.75 — or Calamari Dorati — baby squid lightly floured and crispy fried served with a spicy marinara sauce for $12.50.

Salads include the Grilled Salmon Salad with marinated and grilled fillet of salmon over baby greens with balsamic vinaigrette for $14 or the traditional Panzanella con Mozzarella e Bruschette — cucumbers, red onions, Roma tomatoes, focaccia croutons and mozzarella cheese for $11.50.

Lunch entrees include pasta — Pappardelle al Sugo di Coniglio — braised and pulled rabbit meat in a hunter ragu sauce for $15 or Linguine Pescatore — linguine tossed with mussels, shrimp, scallops and calamari with pepper flakes, garlic, and tomato sauce for $16.50.

The restaurant also serves veal and chicken and eggplant parmigiano and soups such as Minestrone Toscano and Pasta e Fagioli as well as a soup of the day.

For dinner, try an appetizer or salad — Zuppetta dell’ Adriatico consists of steamed clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops and calamari with garlic, white wine, tomatoes and garlic bread or have a Caesar Salad — classic romaine with homemade Caesar dressing.

Dinner entrees include pasta dishes, favorites — chicken parmigiano and Nunzio’s Homemade Meatballs over linguine — and several different veal, chicken and seafood choices. On favorite is the Salmone alla Griglia — grilled herb-crusted salmon served with a tomato and basil sauce. And all dinners are served with seasonal greens and a potato.

Desserts/Drinks — It was the Feast of St. Joseph’s Day (March 19) the afternoon we visited the restaurant and Chef Patruno was busy cranking out Zeppoles, a pastry confection — kind of a cross between a doughnut and a cream puff, yet much lighter — filled with a lemon-vanilla cream, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with a cherry.

Zeppoles are a tradition on this feast day, Patruno said. In Italy, all boys and girls named Joseph or Josephine receive the pastry as a kind gesture. But, at Nunzio’s anyone can be named Joe, he said.

But, even though Zeppoles are only made on the Feast of St. Joseph’s Day, there are plenty of other delicious desserts to choose from here.

Try the cheesecake — served with chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis — connolis, tiramisu, Doppio Cioccolatino — dark chocolate mousse cake or profiteroles — vanilla cream puffs with gelato and chocolate sauce. All the desserts are $8 each.

They also serve a special dessert each day.

The restaurant is BYOB, so feel free to bring your favorite bottle to the table with you.

Special Events — On Easter Sunday (April 20) the restaurant is open and taking reservations. They will serve the regular menu with some of the chef’s own Easter specials such as Roman Artichokes Araganati, crispy fried artichokes, baby lamb chops with garlic rosemary and traditional Easter ricotta pie with soft wheat and candied citron. The restaurant will open early on Easter Sunday, at 1:30 p.m.

And on May 8, the restaurant will host a “Calabria in Spring Regional Dinner,” a five-course dinner for $50 per person. The dinner starts at 4:30 p.m.

Hours — Lunch is served Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Dinner is Monday through Thursday, 4:30 to 10:30 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 4:30 tp 10:30 p.m. and on Sunday from 2:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Attire is smart casual and there’s street parking until 9 p.m.

Information — Make reservations at www.nunzios.net/reservations or call the restaurant directly at 856-858-9840 for party reservations larger than six guests.

Contact Features Editor Kristie Rearick at 856-686-3638 or krearick@southjerseymedia.com

Golden Fork Award 2014


Thank you South Jersey  Magazine Readers!

Carpaccio di Manzo
Con Olio Tartufato e Pepi

This dish is available at Nunzio’s as one of our famous specials.  Call in advance to make sure Nunzio’s has on hand before selling out!

“Raw Angus beef loin is shaved thinner than Kate
Moss and brought to life thanks to EVOO and
lemon juice and complemented with a bed of
arugula, shaved Parmesan, long hots and some
white truffle oil for good measure.”

Hot Chef: Nunzio Patruno talks running a 'jumbo BYOB' and his NYE dinner - Metro Philadelphia
Nunzio Patruno serves up Italian fare at his Collngswood BYOB.
Nunzio Patruno serves up Italian fare at his Collngswood BYOB.

Credit: Sue Burrough

Chef Nunzio Patruno, originally from Italy, has had several restaurant endeavors in Philadelphia. Perhaps his most notable was The Monte Carlo Living Room, which he ran for 20 years. After his success in Philly, Patruno packed up his knives and ventured across the bridge to Collingswood, where he opened Nunzio Ristorante Rustico in 2003.

Collingswood is a dry town, making all restaurants BYOB. How does that fare for business?
When you have a business in Philadelphia and you buy a liquor license when you open, you pay the tax on the license, then the tax on the alcohol and then that tax goes to the customers because you need to jack up the price of the drinks. So some people want to start a restaurant and they open a small BYOB. My situation is different. My place is BYOB because that’s how it has to be. When I came to Collingswood I wanted a 70- or 80-seat restaurant. I ended up with a 140-seat restaurant. I guess I am a jumbo BYOB. But I think that you get a lot of good customers. They are smart shoppers, and they know what good wine should cost. They don’t want to get ripped off, so they pay a fair price at the liquor store and bring it to dinner.

You had some special holiday menus, including one for New Year’s Eve. Can you tell us about that one?
[We had] an a la carte menu for New Year’s Eve. Usually I do a four-course dinner, and each year there are different choices. I always keep one option vegetarian because you got to make everybody happy. But people can substitute, too. If they don’t want to try something on the menu, and they like chicken parmesan and only chicken parmesan, well, I’ll make it for them.

Was it a big party for New Year’s?
Basically, every year the party gets bigger and bigger. It can get overwhelming, but in a good way. There are a lot of people, and New Year’s gets booked fast. Some customers, they beg me to come in, but I can only do so much. I can’t break down the wall and make the restaurant bigger! But some people leave before midnight, and I wish they would stay. At midnight we turn the music up, people drink their sparkling wine, and it’s a good time.

Jersey Bites' Linda Arceo does Truffles and More with Chef Nunzio Patruno

Nunzio’s Ristorante Rustico in Collingswood with Owner and Chef Nunzio Patruno | Jersey Bites www.jerseybites.com.

Jersey Bites

Linda Arceo, Jersey Bites author, visited with Chef Patruno during a special cooking class for truffles from Italy’s Piemonte region.  Read about Linda’s insights.
Just click on the link below. Enjoy!


Arceo - Nunzio preps truffle dinner Nunzio's Collingswood

Chef Nunzio Patruno prepares to shave wonderful slivers of Alba Truffle over Risotto Parmigiano.  This is a traditional dish Italians savor during truffle season in Italy from October to January. Yum!

FOX 29 Jenn Fred with Chef Nunzio Patruno & the Seven Fish Tradition

FOX 29’s Jenn Frederick checks in with Chef Nunzio Patruno from Nunzio Ristorante Rustico in Collingswood talking about making your Seven Fish dinner tradition stress free, easy to cook and flavorful.  Click on the link below to view the video clip.  Buon Natale!

Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

Fox 29 Jenn & Nunzio5optFox-29-Jenn-&-Nunzio-2optFox-29-jenn-&-Nunzio1optFOX-29-Jenn-&-Nunzio3optFox-29-Vanopt

Spiced Peach Blog's Peggy Gilbey McMakin blogs about Cooking with Nunzio
Enjoy this article by blogger Peggy Gilbey McMakin about Chef Nunzio Patruno’s Pugliese culinary roots featuring Nonna’s Pasta and Vegetable cooking class.

Chef Nunzio Patruno Teaches Three Nonna’s Pasta and Vegetables Recipes, Nunzio’s Ristorante Rustico

By Peggy Gilbey McMackin | Published: March 7, 2013

Visit the Spiced Peach Blog and  read about Chef Patruno’s latest class,
Nonna’s Pasta and Vegetables. Enjoy the article and photographs by Peggy Gilbey McMakin.


Golden Fork Award 2013
Make your reservation at Nunzio Ristorante Rustico, one of the top 25 restaurants in the South Jersey area. Read more…


Nunzio Ristorante Rustico



(856) 858-9840

Chef Nunzio Patruno makes food above your average South Jersey Italian spot; from his homemade spaghetti and meatballs to more sophisticated entrées, he’s showcasing all he learned while growing up along the southern Italian coast and cooking through regions along the Mediterranean before making the move to open restaurants in Pennsylvania and South Jersey. In this spot along Collingswood’s “restaurant row,” you’ll feel transported to a sunny piazza by both the food and architecture.

Cuisine: Italian

Vibe: Rustic trattoria

Best Value: While sating your hunger with the gratis rustic bread and dipping sauce, order a starter of imported Buffalo mozzarella; only $12.50, this superior cheese is paired with salty proscuitto, tomato and peppery arugula, with enough to share.

Can’t-Miss Dish: Chef Patruno hand-rolls the potato gnocchi before delicately cooking the plump little dumplings to be served in a creamy gorgonzola sauce, dotted with mushrooms, salty prosciutto and peas.

Added Perks: For events or special occasions, the chef can book a private dining room—including one inside the kitchen—for six to 12 guests, with a unique menu that’s tailored to you.

Regular’s Choice: It’s a classic dish that keeps customers happy: Nunzio’s breaded chicken parmigiana is covered with linguine and just the right amount of marinara—call it “red gravy” if you must, but there’s more to it than that.

Sweet Ending: Among a dessert menu of cannoli and Italian tartufo affogato, you’ll find fluffy profiteroles, one of the chef’s specialties. Here the vanilla cream puffs are served with gelato and drizzled chocolate sauce.

Don’t Miss: Frequent themed dinners and prix-fixe menus liven things up, like a recent Wild Game Night (think braised pheasant and venison meatballs) and an upcoming Valentine’s Day menu to please your sweetheart.

PRO TIP: Be sure to ask about the restaurant’s cooking classes, where Patruno combines his expertise with remembrances of the regions and dishes that inspired him.

Best Chef In America
205We all knew the truth all along! Your best Chef Nunzio Patruno has been voted by his fellow peers…

Best Chef in America!

Your Chef Nunzio Patruno has been voted as Best Chef in America by his peers.  The organization honors chefs who have achieved an exemplary culinary career admired and respected by fellow professional chefs!

Congratulations, Chef Patruno! Bravo!

Nunzio Ristorante Rustico Critic's Choice

Inside Jersey Magazine’s Beth D’Addono recommends Nunzio’s when dining in Collingswood…

Inside Jersey Critics Choice

Best of the Best 2012
th_BestOfTheBestSJMBGThank you South Jersey Magazine Readers for voting us the best of the best again…

When Chef Nunzio Patruno took home our Top Chef honors a few years back, many readers wished they could prepare such skillful meals. Thankfully, Patruno is willing to share a few of his secrets during his “Cooking with Nunzio” series at his namesake Italian BYOB in Collingswood. Whether you’re picking fresh ingredients from the farmers market or making your own pasta, Patruno will improve both your culinary knowledge and technique in a way that’s less Hell’s Kitchen and more heaven on earth.

Jersey Bites blogs about Cooking with Nunzio
Beth Christian blogs about her recent visit at Chef Patruno’s Cooking with Nunzio Class…

Potato Gnoochi with Mixed Seasonal MushroomsPolenta with Calamari & PeasChiacchiere di Carnivale

Enjoy Beth Christian’s blog about her recent class visit with Chef Nunzio Patruno’s Venice Carnavale at jerseybites.com. Visit the Cooking with Nunzio page under News & Events for more information about Chef Patruno’s classes.


SJ Magazine's "Best of SJ" awards Nunzio's.

SJ Best of SJ Cover 2011Thank you SJ Magazine and their readers!

Nunzio Ristorante Rustico
706 Haddon Avenue • Collingswood
856-858-9840 • nunzioristoranterustico.com

Chef Nunzio has created a culinary masterpiece with his tuna carpaccio. Made with the freshest tuna prepared with the right amount of lemon juice, capers, baby arugula and shaved Parmesan cheese, this colorful dish has a wonderfully light and balanced flavor.

Best of the Best 2011
southJerseyMagazine2011BestofNunzio’s receives Best of the Best award from South Jersey Magazine…

Thank you to South Jersey Magazine’s Readers’  votes & award for Best BYOB !
Grazie Mille!


Nunzio Ristorante Rustico Here’s a reason to become a regular: you can store your wine in Nunzio’s own wine locker at this favorite Italian BYOB—minus the corkage fee. Expect Chef Nunzio Patruno to stop by your table and chat as you sample dishes like homemade gnocchi or center-cut grilled pork chop topped with sautéed peppers and mushrooms in rosemary garlic sauce.

Wine Maker's Dinner Great Success!
Over 170 + wine & Italian food lovers celebrate the art of amateur wine making…
Chef Nunzio Patruno’s
Wine Maker’s Dinner
May 17, 2011 ,7:00 pm

Thank you to all the Nunzio Fans who attended our first Wine Maker’s Dinner on May 17th.  The dinner was an overwhelming success celebrating local amateur wine maker’s and their clubs from the Delaware Valley.

Special thanks to Bill Burris from Mountain View Winery of Moorestown; Gerry Vernose from Philadelphia’s Vendemmia group; Mario Mele and his Fort Washington, Pa. group; Morris Rubino and his wine club from Trenton; Collingswood’s Mike Di Bartolo’s group; Joe Ventresca and his Hammonton, NJ wine club; and Gino Pinto, Mike Pinto and Vince Perla from their Pinto Inc. wine groups from Hammonton, NJ.

The evening began with endless rustic tuscan appetizers and their was plenty of wine sharing among attendees.  Guests were also treated to expert insights on wine making by Vince Perla from Pinto, Inc.  Dinner followed with an awards presenation for life time achievement in wine making.  The awards were presented by Bill Burris to businessmen Morris Rubino of Trenton, NJ and Gino Pinto from Hammonton, NJ.

Thank you to all of you for your participation and help in organizing this event.  Here’s looking towrads next year’s wine making season,

Grazie Mille!

Nunzio Patruno

May 17th’s featured menu…


Antipasto Rustico
featuring Porchetta, Prosciutto, Trippa & Baccala


Arugula Salad with Shaved Parmigiano Cheese


Rigatoni Amatriciana


Lamb Shank with Lentils
Branzino Fillet with Spinach and Farro Risotto


Nunzio House Desserts

Jersey Fresh with NJN and Nunzio!
This NJN Collingswood Episode is why people love coming to Collingswood and Nunzio Ristorante Rustico for Chef Patruno’s flavorful cuisine. Enjoy!

Watch NJN’s Jersey Fresh Collingswood Episode and understand why Nunzio is a long time supporter of South Jersey’s Farmer’s Markets and Farmers.  Enjoy watching NJN’s focus on the Collingswood Farmers’ Market and  Chef Patruno’s recipes including Veal Sausage with Cannellini Beans & Kale and Sautéed Asparagus with Cherry Tomatoes. Remember, eat Jersey Fresh! Support your local farmers!

Episode 3: Collingswood Farmers Market

Strawberries & Asparagus Take Center Stage

Eight Eateries with Elan by Craig La Ban
For good taste, in city and suburbs…

Nunzio’s Ristorante Rustico

706 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, 856-858-9840; www.nunzioristoranterustico.com

Chef Nunzio Patruno’s trattoria in the heart of downtown Collingswood has rightfully remained one of South Jersey’s go-to spots for a fine family meal built around classic dishes. The big and bustling Italian Village space can sometimes feel stretched to its limit (as can the service), but a recent meal also gave us several reminders why Patruno has long been one of the region’s most respected cooks, with spot-on renditions of tender osso buco and risotto Milanese, Dover sole filleted tableside, fantastic gnocchi, excellent amatriciana, and a tiramisu just like Nunzio’s mama used to make.

Nunzio's earns its reputation as a Collingswood favorite...
Check out Nunzio’s July 18, 2010 Courier Post Restaurant Review. Click on the link to read the complete article. Feel free to share and like among friends!


Nunzio and Tasting with the Tostens
Enjoy Chef Nunzio Patruno and the Tostens celebrate the Caterina de Medici Society’s dinner at Nunzio’s.

TASTINGS with the TOSTENS from Sharon Tosten on Vimeo.

Cous Cous with Nunzio & Nonna Angelina

Get Your Cous Cous On! Watch Chef Nunzio Patruno and Nonna Angelina guide you through making authentic Cous Cous the Sicilian way. Enjoy and forward to fellow foodies!

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Best Of The Best 2010

South Jersey Magazine awards Nunzio Ristorante Rustico Best of the Best Chef’s Table “Way To Get To Know Your Favorite Chef”.


Radicchio Festival at Reading Terminal Market
Friday, December 11, 2009, Philadelphia City Paper, What’s Cooking, Get Out! by Erin Mae Szrankowski. Photographs by Susan Burough.

Radicchio di Treviso and Radicchio di Castelfranco are common varieties of the leafy veggie we don’t get too often in the U.S., so RTM is celebrating teir import by hosting a radicchio cook-off featuring chefs Nunzio Patruno (Nunzio Ristorante Rustico), Andrea Luca Rossi (Cichetteria 19) and Luciana Spurio (Le Virtu).  Radicchio samples will be available to shoppers all day at Iovine Brothers Produce. Reading Terminal Market, 12th and Arch streets, 215-922-2317, readingterminalmarket.org.


All the Chefs


Cook Off!


MC Christina Pirello

Nunzio Patruno and Christina Pirello

Chef Nunzio & Christina Pirello


Nunzio Cooking

South Jersey Magazine Top Chef "And the Winner Is..." article December 2009

South Jersey Magazine Top Chef “And the Winner Is…” article  December 2009

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South Jersey Magazine Food Fight article November 2009

South Jersey Magazine Food Fight article November 2009

Download the PDF

Cooking Lessons with Nunzio CW Philly

Cooking Lessons with Nunzio CW Philly

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Fox Philadelphia 29 Mondays Menu cooking Cooking Veal Osso Buco over Saffron Risotto with Nunzio Patruno from Nunzio Ristorante Rustico

Fox Philadelphia 29 Mondays Menu cooking Veal Osso Buco over Saffron Risotto with Nunzio Patruno from Nunzio Ristorante Rustico in Collingswood NJ www.nunzios.net.

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